Trouble In Mind -
authentic Rockabilly from Aschaffenburg

The trio, including BUSCH (guitar, vocals), TASSO (double bass) and CHRIS (rhythm guitar, background vocals), is inspired by early Rock'n'Roll and combines their own style with influences from blues and western swing. Two years after their formation, they released their debut album "Whole Lotta Trouble" in 2018. It was the beginning of numerous concerts in Germany and first performances in Greece and Switzerland. In 2019 and 2020, they released several singles, including "Hey Lil Girl," "Drifting Away" and "Promised Land," which were joined by Ian Bowerman, aka Dollar Bill, on drums during the recording sessions at Black Shack Recordings Studio. Over the years, the trio has produced a growing number of new exclusively self- penned songs. Twelve of them are featured on their second LP, "Hang On."

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